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Artbox connects to provides opportunities to artists to work on meaningful, diverse, and sustainable art projects. Our goal is to create cross-industry opportunities and supportive networks that value the contributions of artists and the creative industries.

Services for Artists

Artbox offers a variety of services for artists, including:
- Opportunities for artwork development - Curatorial and creative oversight - Consults and exchange with communities - Production and delivery support - Digital modelling and renders - Collaboration on construction methods
- Engineering planning and execution - Installation and fit-out - Portfolio management and representation - Grant writing and EOI submissions - Artist residencies for exploration

Current Artist Opportunities

If you're an artist looking for new opportunities, check out our Public Briefs below to see how we can help you achieve your creative goals.

Join our Artist Directory

We also reach out directly to artists with invitations to respond to our partner briefs. So make sure you join our Artist Directory to tell us about who you are and what you do. It takes 2 minutes.
Public Briefs for Artists

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