Moving Image Artworks

Moving Image Artworks

Public art opportunities for screen-based digital artworks

We have a number of opportunities to present creative works on screen – from temporary projections and installation, to rotating screening programs in prominent city buildings on large-scale customised screens. Currently, Artbox is growing our capacity to provide a platform for artists to sell or license screen-based works to an expanding list of presenting partners.
If you are an artist working in digital media or moving image, we would love to hear from you! As an artist-led company we are dedicated to ensuring artists are paid fair fees for commissions or licensing of existing works.

What we’re looking for:

In particular, we are interested in seeing works with the following qualities:
  • Animation, generative, or video works
  • Works can be abstract or representational, with emphasis on creating ambience, pattern, and tone
  • Visual works that do not include, or rely on, audio

Guidelines for best display:

  • Works that loop, or appear to loop seamlessly
  • Works that are relatively short in duration
  • Works that can be adapted to customised screen dimensions
  • Works that contain slow movement, or a low rate of interchanging content

Expression of Interest (EOI)

Interested artists should submit an EOI with a short bio or CV and links to your work online. Submissions are welcome at any time!
Link to submission page: