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Partner Hub

Artbox / Partner Hub
Artbox believes art has the power to transform and revitalise spaces to bring new life to communities.

Services for Partners

Artbox offers a variety of services for our partners, including:
- Art and curatorial framework consulting - Artist curation and creative programs - Community and participatory programs - Temporary programs and events - Stakeholder delivery support
- Project oversight and logistics - Feasibility assessments - Evaluation methodologies for reporting - Marketing solutions - Cross-industry partnerships

Partnering with Artbox

Artbox reimagines spaces and creative processes to seek outcomes that have lasting value and meaning for our partners. Our partners include government bodies, tech startups, construction and infrastructure providers, building and landscape architects, commercial precinct and property operators, independent boards, chambers, associations, and local businesses.

Art Briefs

Artbox produces outstanding art and creative experiences. It’s hard to get a good outcome when you don’t have a good brief. Luckily, we review all briefs and can provide feedback to support you in making your objectives and key results as clear and as straight-forward as possible. Equally, we support artists in presenting their best proposal, so that artists give you exactly what you need, without any unnecessary hurdles.
How to produce a brief
Create a brief for artists
Get started today by submitting a brief to Artbox and we’ll be in touch to finalise it with you.

Our Partners

We are better for having worked with some of the most progressive and innovative people in Australia. Each and every one is committed to supporting contemporary artists.
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