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Services for Partners

Artbox offers a variety of end-to-end services for our partners, including:
- Art and curatorial framework consulting - Curation, commissions and acquisitions - Creative program design and workshops - Events and temporary programs - Public art integrated design - Digital artwork licensing and subscription - Artist talks and workshops
- Creative and cultural placemaking - Community and participatory programs - Project oversight and logistics - Stakeholder delivery support - Feasibility assessments - Evaluation methodologies for reporting - Cross-industry collaborations

Site and space responsive

Artbox reimagines spaces and creative processes to seek outcomes that have lasting value and greater return for our partners. We create meaningful outcomes that are tangible and measurable, and relevant to the problem-space.
Artbox has worked within a range of settings, urban and regional, throughout Australia. We are our partners’ champions for outreach to local communities - responding to site-specific challenges and spotlighting local narratives, histories, ecologies and points of pride.

Partnering with Artbox

Artbox works across industries with partners in many sectors: tourism, technology, commercial and public precincts, capital works, urban design and revitalisation, arts and events, cultural and environmental heritage.
Our partners include local and state government, tech startups, construction and infrastructure providers, building and landscape architects, commercial precinct and property operators, independent boards, chambers, associations, and local businesses.
Reach out to us to discuss potential partnerships and project opportunities.

Our Partners

We are better for having worked with some of the most progressive and innovative people in Australia. Each and every one is committed to supporting contemporary artists.
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