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April – May 2014

Federation Square Big Screen, Melbourne

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Artbox has been created with the support of a large international collective of artists, collectors, institutions and hackers who use open source techniques and technologies. BIG THANKS to all our supporters during the Artbox crowd funding campaign for helping us develop Artbox.

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Stop the sponsor

Posted by Alex Gibson in Exhibitions,Philosophising

This article assumes knowledge of the following points: 1. Transfield is the major sponsor of the Biennale of Sydney (BOS) since 1973. 2. Transfield won contracts to service Manus Island and Nauru’s controversial refugee detention centres in 2012. 3. A number of political actions by...

Art Has No Ends

Posted by alex in Philosophising

Is the suspicion not well founded that art has no ends? What? As suspected, designs in art to deliberately seduce (we all know what those design’s ends would be) fail. As in life, so too in art, deep beauty refuses the designer of ends for...


A Quick Start Guide

Posted by alex in Exhibitions,Howto

Step One: Unboxing Use the above diagram to see all the parts of your Artbox and how they fit together. Step Two: Boot and Loop Plug-in everything except the USB Power Lead. Make sure your screen/ projector is set to source HDMI input and then...


Artist Poverty

Posted by alex in Crowdfunding,Exhibitions,Howto

‘Some artists choose to be poor’, I hear you say – ‘they sacrifice their material well-being and comfort for their art’. They are the ‘starving artist’, a pure and noble Boheme transcending the vulgar commercial world of business, profit, cash and worst of all, capitalism!...

Screenshot from 2013-08-17 11:52:17

Artbox v0.6.3

Posted by alex in Devops,Howto

After many months of development, Denjell our amazing programmer in Germany has completed the final release software. The feature set is impressive and as a bonus we are going to give Denjell 10% of sales for the first 100+ Artboxes. He has done an incredible...

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