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'Untitled' by Mik Shida
'Untitled' by Mik Shida

'Untitled' by Mik Shida


Unique, signed artwork by Mik Shida delivered to your door. Originally commissioned for the Art Club September 2016 delivery.

Mik Shida, 2016

Series of 60 unique drawings
Ink on paper
21cm x 30cm

'My work explores the relationship between ritual, sexuality and love. Psychedelic entities are entwined in a ceremonial act transcending the bounds of known reality. In a world where societies issues are becoming increasingly gendered and people are seemingly more divided than ever due to the rise of identity politics. I seek to turn this tide like an ancient shaman with each works being in essence an invocation,  an energetic manifestation a prayer to joy. 

For the Artbox series I created an edition of original drawings. Using a modified chisel style brush loaded with Black and Phathalo Blue ink, I formed figures using organic gestural brush strokes. While in essence a repetitive and almost trance like process, each work remains original. I completed each piece with a halo of pastel fluorescent yellow. The female/ beastial motif has become a staple of my work both in the studio and on the street. Each drawing is signed on the rear as I customarily do with my work.'

- Mik Shida