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'Pity for the Paramour' by Nadia Toukhsati

'Pity for the Paramour' by Nadia Toukhsati


Limited edition, signed artwork by Nadia Toukhsati delivered to your door. Originally commissioned for the Art Club February 2016 delivery.

'Pity for the Paramour'
Nadia Toukhsati, 2016

Edition of 100 signed and numbered for the Art Club
Print on watercolour paper.
21cm x 30cm

"I hope you enjoy this limited-edition print of my painting, Pity for the Paramour. This work was a progression from some much larger paintings I was working on at the same time, using the format of panels and vignettes on a tighter and more intimate scale. The small figurative episodes playing out are designed to weave a narrative exploring the nature of desire, and the human propensity to be driven so strongly by those desires. Mementos, letters, the pattern on old linoleum and the filigree on an old brooch provided me with the imagery to be wrested for this painting.

I love attempting to visually describe difficult, tender, subtle occurrences in daily life perhaps to give them clarity. Playing out these exchanges in drawings and paintings is a (possibly selfish) pursuit that brings me a lot of joy, and I hope you are able to benefit from these endeavours. Thank you so much!"

Nadia Toukhsati, February 2016