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'Impressions of Eris - Composition 0' by Tatjana Este
'Impressions of Eris - Composition 0' by Tatjana Este
'Impressions of Eris - Composition 0' by Tatjana Este

'Impressions of Eris - Composition 0' by Tatjana Este


Limited edition, signed artwork by Tatjana Este delivered to your door. Free shipping to Australia and NZ.
Originally commissioned for the Art Club September 2015 delivery.

Impressions of Eris - Composition 0
Tatjana Este, 2015

Edition of 50 for the Art Club
B/W print with pigmented ink and gold leaf detail overlay on 300gsm Fabriano paper.
21 cm x 30 cm

Impressions of Eris - Composition 0, belongs to a series of two-dimensional works on paper that are part of the Apple of Discord project, which also encompasses installation and performance.

By using the mythical symbol of golden apple from the ancient Greek myths the Apple of Discord project aims to explore the concept of distraction. Tatjana is interested in the dichotomy between the beautifully packaged narratives that inform today’s society, and the unpleasant aspects woven into the fabric of our consumerist culture. The objective is to question those things that are often consciously or subconsciously ignored and lie beneath the lustre and colour of today’s busy, over-saturated world.  

Impressions of Eris is a series of monochromatic works made by using actual sliced apples dipped in black-pigmented ink to create imprints or “impressions” on paper. The title refers to the Greek goddess of discord.

The paper compositions and the installation works share visual similarities in the form of lines, pointy spear-like shapes and apple slice clusters.

Working in layers and accentuating the fine detail in every section of the composition, new elements are discovered which inform and guide each subsequent step. The technical, meditative aspect of carefully drawn irreversible strokes supports the concept by highlighting the importance of maintaining complete focus and eliminating distractions."