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'Cosmic Donut' by Nicholas Ives

'Cosmic Donut' by Nicholas Ives


Signed painting by Nicholas Ives delivered to your door. Free shipping to Australia and NZ.
Originally commissioned for the Art Club March 2016 delivery.

'Cosmic Donut'
Nicholas Ives, 2016
Series of 60 for the Art Club
Oil paint on paper.
21 cm x 30 cm

"Enjoy this donut. It’s sugary and sweet. It will melt in your mouth, dissolve into nothing. A little hit of joy. Some say the universe is shaped like a donut… circling an empty centre. Perhaps we are all living inside a giant baked sweet covered in strawberry glaze. Could be worse. I’m no astrophysicist though; I have no idea about such things. I’ve heard we could all be living in a giant block of cheese too. Why is it always food?

I’ve really enjoyed making this series of donuts for ArtBox this month - each piece is a hand-painted original. Thank you for supporting artists! The subject derives from my ongoing body of work playfully exploring meaninglessness and the absurd. Sometimes a little moment of joy is really as good as life gets. Maybe everything just dissolves away, eventually."

Nicholas Ives, March 2016.