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Artbox Art Club

Artbox Art Club


Artbox Art Club is a monthly art service. Support artists every month for only $35

Art for everybody
Next Artist: Ted McKinlay
Ships early September 2017
Artworks make great gifts for friends, family or just for yourself. Practicing artists are commissioned by Artbox to produce a limited edition artwork specifically for the Art Club members each month. Get excited about next month’s artwork – a surprise and a new artistic discovery every time!
Recent artists

Caitlin Phillips, Ero, Dominic Taranto, Michael, Meneghetti, Honor Bradbeer, Geoffrey Carran, Niels, Al Stark, Dale Cox, Tom Civil, Shida, Justine Barlow, Performprint, Benjamin Sheppard, Belle Bassin, Fiona McKerrell, Nicholas Ives, Nadia ToukhsatiAlex Gibson, Michael Fikaris, Heesco, Dan Sibley, Tatjana Este, Phebe Parisia, Kristy Milliken, James Bonnici, Regan Tamanui, Joel Gailer


Images credit: Heesco, Tatjana EsteNadia Toukhsati, James Bonnici, Belle Bassin and Nicholas Ives.