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Why Artbox Art Club?

Once upon a time, I tried to buy art…

Back in the early 2000s, as an art school student, I wanted to buy art to decorate my share house, support my fellow artists and give back to the struggling galleries that represented them.

To my shock, there was nothing on display for less than four digits (which, for a student on a scholarship, might as well have been Lady Gaga’s salary). So why is art so expensive?

The art model is broken.

The truth is, it costs time and money to produce, exhibit and sell art. Artists and galleries aren’t profiteering; in most cases they run on the smell of linseed oil and turpentine. But the overheads for galleries means they need to charge a premium for artworks, which prices out people like you and me. Leaving only multi-millionaire artists, galleries and collectors as the only ones able to purchase art. Creating the perception that collecting art is an elitist pastime.

So, here are the two options for buying art:

  • Become a multi-millionaire
  • Develop a new model that dramatically decreases prices while supporting artists and galleries with the profits they need to grow

With Artbox Art Club, we want to make contemporary art accessible and affordable, for everyone. We hope you’ll explore your love of art, discover new artists and create your own home gallery to display your collection.


Alex Gibson


Artbox Art Club makes contemporary art accessible and affordable, for everyone. We want to support art lovers like you, as well as the artists who produce the art. Here’s how we do it.

How does it work?

Every month, Artbox commissions an artist to produce a unique, limited-edition work that we distribute to our Art Club members. Our Club members pay a fixed monthly membership fee (that includes postage), and receive an artwork at the beginning of each month. It’s like Christmas ...every month!

We pay artists a fixed fee that they spend towards production, while we cover the running costs like postage, admin and marketing. All profits get reinvested into Artbox to grow our membership so that we can make Artbox even more affordable for our members and pay our artists better for their work.

Why does it cost thirty dollars per month?

In the interests of full transparency - we estimate that $10 can go towards production and postage, $10 to go to the artist and $10 to cover our tax and business costs.

For less than what you’d pay for coffee in a fortnight, you can start your own home gallery, while supporting something you believe in: that art makes the world a better place (and let’s face it, if you didn’t believe that, you wouldn’t be here).

The artists we feature vary widely; some have won awards, some are on their way to grand things. These works could sell for upwards of a hundred dollars in galleries, but we believe in keeping the cost down for you, our members.

Why Join Artbox Art Club?

At Artbox, we have three aims:

  1. Make art accessible and affordable.
  2. Support artists.
  3. Provide another channel for art to be sold.

We think they’re pretty lofty goals but we hope you’ll agree that they’re pretty damn good ones.

How do you choose the artists?

We commission artists by first finding artists that are clearly talented, making amazing work and are exhibiting regularly. We then engage them in a conversation about the project and their interest, and finally, the artist proposes a project to do for the commission - and if it meets our criteria we agree to do it. During the proposal phase, we are looking for the following attributes:

  • Think about our members and the feedback they have been giving us each month;
  • We look for a variety of styles as compared to previous commissions to keep things interesting;
  • We look at established or emerging artists works, exhibitions, CV and education;
  • We like to support local Melbourne artists generally, but also look to international artists;
  • We favour strong conceptual, material and artistic ideas, processes and outcomes.

Can I contribute my art? 

    Absolutely! We love to hear from new artists we haven’t worked with. Please send us an email or use our online request form here.

    I don’t like this month’s artwork, what do I do?

    Good art will always evoke emotion. Sometimes it’ll be negative. We understand that people have various tastes, which is why we offer a range of artists and styles. If there’s something you really don’t like, you can:

    • Give it away: you might not like it but someone you know just might.
    • Got a birthday celebration coming up or need a housewarming gift? There’s your present sorted.
    • Swap it: If you have a friend who loves it, why not suggest exchanging it for something of theirs you love?
    • Donate it to charity: if sold in a gallery or shop, these artworks would be worth much more than what you pay per month.
    • Donate it to your favourite second-hand shop, where the money they make from it will go towards doing good.
    • Hold on to it: We can’t guarantee that these artworks will increase in value exponentially (the art market being so fickle) but you might just have the next Banksy in your hand. 

    They’re all A4 or smaller in size, so don’t take up much storage space and who knows, you could be selling this for a lot more than you paid, down the track.

    Can I retrospectively buy works from previous months?

    Most of the time the only way to get the works is by being an Art Club Member. When we do have them available, they are in our shop however are sold at a price nominated by the artist, which is what you would pay if you bought a work from them or from a gallery: more $$$!

    Can I unsubscribe at any time?

    Of course. We understand that circumstances change and you might need to unsubscribe for whatever reason. There are no contracts and we won’t send bad vibes your way.

    You can manage your preferences on a page when you join or get in touch on our contact page as needed.

    I can’t afford $30 a month but I love the concept.

    Join our referral program and get $15 for every person you subscribe. If you signup just 2 people per month, you can get Artbox Art Club free! Sign up more than 2 (or already be a subscriber) and get cold hard cash paid direct to your bank account.

    Otherwise, if you have skills or time to volunteer, we can offer one-off payments in the form of art and beer. Get in touch for expressions of interest by using our contact page.

    I love it, where do I sign up?

    You can begin your amazing journey of discovery by clicking the "Get started" button below and visit the Artbox Art Club page. Then you will just need to click "Add to Cart" and Check out. Fill in the form and you are done. We ship on the first week of every month. Enjoy.